Gyros Restaurant Federal Way

Federal Way Gyros Restaurant


Olive Tree is a well-known gyros restaurant based in Federal Way, WA. A gyro or gyros is a dish of Greek origin, made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie like a shawarma or tacos al pastor, derived from the lamb-based doner kebab. We are a sought-after Federal Way gyros restaurant, serving delicious gyro sandwiches and platters.

It has been proven that people who consume a Mediterranean-style diet like the ones we serve at our Federal Way gyros restaurant are better protected against problems like heart disease, metabolic complications and more. All of our visitors appreciate the warm hospitality at our Federal Way gyros restaurant, along with the flavorful food.

We serve several variants of dishes at our gyros restaurant, including:

  • Traditional gyros
  • Greek gyros
  • Lamb gyro
  • Village style gyros

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Federal Way Traditional Greek Gyro


If you crave a Federal Way traditional Greek gyro, you must visit our gyros restaurant right away. The Federal Way traditional Greek gyro is a sandwich made with pita bread and gyro meat, topped with fresh toppings and a delectable gyro sauce. Traditionally, gyro meat is made with lamb grilled on a vertical spit of stacked meat slices.

Our highly skilled chefs exactly know how to bring in the authentic flavors of a Federal Way traditional Greek gyro on your plate and make you fall in love with its taste. We are the go-to spot for a Federal Way traditional Greek gyro in town.

You can choose from our numerous meal options for a traditional Greek gyro, such as:

  • Gyros combos
  • Gyros express
  • Authentic gyros
  • Specialty gyros

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Federal Way Best Gyros


Our restaurant undoubtedly serves one of the top Federal Way best gyros in the region. Many people do not realize that Greek food is one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. To ensure the safety and health of our customers, we use only the supreme quality, fresh ingredients and ensure top-level hygiene in our kitchen to serve the Federal Way best gyros on your plate.

Our Federal Way best gyros, combined with our friendly staff, will provide you an incredible dining experience. All of our customers keep coming back for the Federal Way best gyros that we serve and recommend our restaurant to all their family and friends.

We can fulfill several inquiries related to the best gyros, including:

  • Gyros on pita
  • Chicago style gyros
  • Gyro family restaurants
  • Gyros near me

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