Gyros Restaurant Tukwila

Tukwila Gyros Restaurant


If you are craving gyros, our gyros restaurant in the Tukwila, WA area has the most delectable menu for food lovers. Connect with Olive Tree if you want to book a table at our Tukwila gyros restaurant to enjoy the delicacies of delicious gyros. For the past many years, we have been serving a memorable taste to our guests. Our high-qualified and experienced chefs have been preparing the traditional Greek gyro that is sure to be etched on your taste buds forever.

Flavoring the gyros with perfect seasoning and cooking them till they start spreading their impeccable aroma, we ensure that we impress our guests at our Tukwila gyros restaurant. Bring your search to an end as you have found a reputable Tukwila gyros restaurant to serve you the best tasting gyros.

Visit us today if you have been looking for:

  • Pork gyros
  • Authentic gyros
  • Gyros kebab
  • Chicken gyros

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Tukwila Traditional Greek Gyro


As a famous ancient Greek street food, the Tukwila traditional Greek gyro has gained much popularity. We offer the most authentic taste for the Tukwila traditional Greek gyro for every visitor that enters our restaurant. Perfectly roasted thin-sliced meat is served beautifully with pita bread to our guests, making them the best gyros.

If you cannot find the perfect gyros around, visit us today and impress your spouse with our Tukwila traditional Greek gyro. We will be happy to serve the Tukwila traditional gyro to our guests, delivering the most delectable taste on your every visit. Make your reservation or order online; our chefs are at your service to please you with your desired flavor. Creating memorable food stories with our gyros, we welcome you to try our other recipes at our restaurant including:

  • Gyro fresh
  • Gyro fries
  • Vegetarian gyro
  • Turkish gyro

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Tukwila Best Gyros


Only accept the Tukwila best gyros if you are a food lover. Well, you need not worry when you visit us for the Tukwila best gyros as we offer what we say. Where there are Greek food fanatics, there are Tukwila best gyros.

Our experienced chefs are well trained to deliver the Tukwila best gyros that our customers love. There is no place for hunger when you visit our gyros restaurant to taste the perfect gyro recipes, and we will never miss to please you. We always invite food lovers to call us for our different style gyros including:

  • Lamb gyro
  • Traditional gyros
  • Greek gyros
  • Traditional Greek gyros

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