Jordanian Food Kent

Jordanian Food Kent


If you are looking to enjoy delectable Jordanian food in Kent, WA, head straight to Olive Tree. Our restaurant specializes in authentic Mediterranean cuisine and serves a wide variety of Jordanian dishes.

The people of Jordan enjoy eating and make mealtime almost a social event. Such passion reflects in Jordanian cuisine that is known to be incredibly delicious. Everything, whether small appetizer “mezze” dishes or main course dishes, is prepared with great love. A few of the distinct ingredients, spices, and tastes that are commonly found in Jordanian food are:

  • Rice and bread
  • Lamb
  • Legumes
  • Yogurt, tahini, and olive oil
  • Olives, onions, and garlic

At our restaurant, we use fresh, top-grade ingredients so as to serve delicious Jordanian food to Kent residents.