Dolma Kent


Olive Tree is the place to visit when you are in the mood to eat dolma in Kent, WA. The Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Armenians and Azerbaijanis all have a love for dolma in common. The fondness for this traditional dish of grapevine leaves stuffed with rice and minced lamb is such that Greece and the different Middle Eastern countries all claim to be the place where dolma originated.

Referred to as ‘dolma’ in Turkish cuisine and ‘dolmades’ in Greek cuisine, the dish has many variants across the world. The Turkish dolma recipe usually contains dried fruit along with the key ingredients, while the Greek dolmades generally have mint and fennel. Another variant is Sarma made using cabbage leaves as the wrap.

At our Mediterranean restaurant, we specialize in making dolmades or dolma that Kent residents find:

  • Flavorful
  • Delectable
  • Irresistible

Dolma stuffed grape leaves are a versatile dish and can be eaten cold or hot. Come to us for the most authentic Turkish dolma recipe.