Gyros Restaurant SeaTac

SeaTac Gyros Restaurant


If you are looking for a gyros restaurant in SeaTac, WA, consider yourself in the right place to enjoy authentic Greek food. Greek cuisine is very healthy, and if you relish it, you can stay assured that you will be healthy always.

Get in touch with Olive Tree when you are looking for an established and reputable SeaTac gyros restaurant. We have been catering to our patrons and serving the best gyros since 2009. Call us to reserve a table at our SeaTac gyros restaurant to enjoy the following Greek dishes:

  • Gyros platters
  • Gyros combos
  • Gyros sandwiches
  • Gyros wraps

You will find our SeaTac gyros restaurant to be customer-friendly, lively and very clean. Enjoying traditional Greek gyro at our restaurant will be an excellent experience for you and your family.

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SeaTac Traditional Greek Gyro


We prepare SeaTac traditional Greek gyro using almost the same techniques and ingredients as authentic gyros prepared in Greece. The choice of meat in a traditional Greek gyro is pork or chicken, whereas it is lamb and beef in other countries.

Choose our restaurant to enjoy a SeaTac traditional Greek gyro dish, prepared using fresh and local ingredients. We serve top-quality gyros stuffed in pita bread, along with tomato, tzatziki sauce and onions. Visit our restaurant to enjoy SeaTac traditional Greek gyro made using:

  • Authentic gyro meat
  • Traditional gyro seasoning
  • Traditional gyro toppings
  • Authentic gyro sauce

We assure you of serving freshly prepared SeaTac traditional Greek gyro at our restaurant. Enjoy authentic gyros meals prepared traditionally.

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SeaTac Best Gyros


To enjoy SeaTac best gyros, you need not look far as we serve it most authentically. Our chefs are highly experienced and know what goes into making the best gyros. Whether it is using the ingredients or the technique to prepare the dishes, we never compromise.

Whether you are checking reviews online or offline, we are sure about our restaurant leading the list of restaurants serving SeaTac best gyros. We have, over the years, built a steady and loyal customer base that will not go elsewhere to enjoy authentic Greek food. Visit our restaurant for SeaTac best gyros that include:

  • Fries and gyros
  • Chicago style gyros
  • Classic lamb gyros
  • Traditional gyros

We are sure that when you visit our restaurant to enjoy SeaTac best gyros, you will recommend us to others.

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